Summer Solstice/Full Moon 6-20-16

Longest day and shortest time of darkness.  Magic in the moon light and peace in the secret of its knowing.

A secret to share with everyone but for now, only known by those among us of like mind, of those awake enough to behold the truth because it is a truth without words, a knowing in the soul, a connection to all there is but with no attachments.

A trust in the cycles of life, the rhythm of nature, the dependability of the cycles that Divine Mother brings.  She has laid in waiting, has been patient with our neglect but now it is her time, a time of new awareness, a time of a rebirth of the mother knowledge, a time to rejoice in her beauty and truth.

In this day of less darkness, let us see the meaning in the seasons, let us feel the vibration of Mother’s truth, let us believe in her promise in the light of the moon that she will never leave us in darkness and let us honor her in our hearts and share her love and truth with one another to become for all time sisters/brothers and lovers of the beauty of her truth and of the right of all beings to exist in the bliss of the conscious life.

Let us make a vow, a promise to her this evening of shortened darkness, to be her children and partners in the process of waking the unconscious to an appreciation of Mother and of each other and to make this world the place she has always dreamed of.

Join me in drying her tears with our hearts in honor of all she unselfishly and joyfully gives of herself.  The blessing of day light and moon shine, of love, death and rebirth, a never ending cycle, dependable in its truth and continuance, a chain never broken, a perpetual loop of manifestation of the unmanifested through and because of our consciousness.

With Mother to guide us and hold us in her heart of compassion, we cannot fail and can assist her in bringing forth a new earth, one of compassion, truth, beauty and peace for all beings and all time.  This is the promises in the moonlight and star shine of this magical evening.

Please Join me in silent meditation and feel the message of the bells and gong as we offer our gifts of the sweetness of life to our sister the river and our mother the earth, a taste of the fruits river’s gift of water brings us and a tribute and thanks to our Divine Mother for the beauty and flavor she adds to our lives.

A Valuable Part of Two

The heat of a summer day softens and slips silently

Into evening twilight.

The shifting shadows and cooling breezes of evening chill my being and

Bring an acute awareness of sorrow and emptiness to my state of mind.

This subtle, soft twilight is lonely and empty now

But was beautiful at other times and under other circumstances in my life.

Twilight holds tenderness and acceptance of love in times of loving but

When love is missing or withheld, twilight is punishing in its loneliness.

A solitary stroll through the garden is a waste;

There is no joy in relaxing in the rocking hammock alone. 

Light sadly leaves the landscape and drains the world of color

Just as this lost love drains my soul and heart of color.

The trees along the edge of the clearing blend into a fortress wall,

Locking me out in my loneliness.

Fireflies blink on and off but evade my eyes behind the fortress of trees

and the stark cold moon light accentuates  my solitude by throwing only one shadow behind me.

In better times, when I was not alone, the deepiening twilight was a magical time,

Full of love and acceptance.

 We walked the garden paths together, basking in the glow of the moon

 And soaking in the softness of star-shine.

Our shadows moved willingly behind us, hand in hand,

And fireflies lit our way home.

I want to go back to that time, back to being a valuable part of two,

Back to the times of softened days that faded into loving nights of passion and acceptance.

I need you take me back there, please…

The City Sleeps

Its passageway’s are dark and deep

The city sleeps.


Traffic stops in the late night hours

Leaving the tunnels and passageways empty and echoing.


The statues that adorn the bridges and street corners stand in silence,

Their presence as forgotten as the craftsman who carved them.


Does anyone ever see them?

Does anyone ever care?


Buildings sit inches away from each other,

Built to use every bit of space,


None is wasted

None is.


They build closer and closer

Taller and taller until the sky is blocked out leaving no reminders of what is real.


The bus I ride from the airport to South Station navigates the empty streets, turning and sliding past the emotionless statues, the empty tunnels,


Past the tunnel doors that lead to nowhere and follows the

Streets and turns made just wide enough to fit through, does someone actually plan these places?


Or do they grow by themselves, out of each other

In layers and layers of cement and iron bars.


I feel the need to be silent in the dark empty city night.

The bus interior is dark except for my reading light


A tiny light illuminating

Just what is below it – me and my pen and paper.


Am I the only one who is really here

The only on paying attention …


All else fades to darkness in the back of the bus

The end of the tunnel, the dark and abandoned South Station.


It is an odd sensation thinking of the millions who lay sleeping all around me. As wildlife sleep at night, hidden out of sight in the forest.


The city draws the millions to it, holds them here, caught in the rush and sorrow of a life of illusion, but too busy to notice.


It is only in the dark of early morning that

The beauty and truth of this place is revealed.


Minus the noise, crowds, exhaust fumes and indifference,

The city glows with a knowing internal presence.


I feel its sadness like the bridge and

Street corner statues feel it.


They and I recognize each other as the neglected and forgotten ones.

Only alive when noticed but only noticed by each other


And only when the city sleeps.


MC 5-20-16


“I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch

Love is not a victory march

It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah”

Leonard Cohen

I Must Wait

I have to wait, just wait,

There is nothing left to do.

Tonight is cold and dark,

I must wait for the sun.

My love is intense and passionate,

I must wait for its object.

My mind is confused and alone,

I must wait for a friend.

My heart aches and pines,

I must wait for a song.

My life is a series of waits,

But my soul is tired of waiting.

Time must slow down,

So I can catch up.

And when I do, all of the waiting will have been for nothing,

Because I will find that it  is all already here.


In 4.5 months I will retire, it is a time to keep and mark.

The days numbered waiting for freedom but really, will it be such a change?

Now has its own freedom and always has and

I have the freedom to be here now.

The now holds nothing but is everything.

This space, this elegant space is here with me now. Always is and always has been.

But in 4.5 months I will breathe a sigh of relief anyway as my perceived waiting for time will have ended and time will fill my time and I its.

It is telling me to put away the other stuff and come and be part of it with my whole self.  It is not something I will do for the I of the surface but for the I of my true being.

I need to be able to participate fully in the now, in the glory of being, with all of my being.

Will it be easier in 4.5 months? I don’t know.

Probably not, unless I chose it to be.  Waiting for things never makes them so.

For everything happens in the now, there is no past to look back on, no future to look ahead to

It is always only now… So I guess I should stop waiting for the time to pass, it doesn’t,

There is but One moment fading into now, into now, into now…

The Glory of Love

Don’t stop letting the ordinary

Amaze you.


Savor the taste of an apple.

Drink in the sound and sight of a waterfall.


Marvel at the cycle of the seasons and

Rest in their dependability.


Look for confirmation of the miracle of life in

Each and every second of being.


Become one with all that is sacred and holy and

Be astounded at the face of a flower, a new born baby, a summer thunderstorm.


Feel the positive energy and vibration of the universe

That holds you in its arms.


And sleep in the peace of knowing

That morning will always follow the darkness of night.


Enjoy this life you have been blessed with.

To suffer is your choice and yours alone to make.


Move away from the negative.

Reject the downward pull of the unknowing and let your positive light shine.


Share in the bounty of life and choose your own path.

No one can make these choices for you.


Add your positive energy to the world wide awakening,

bask in the glory of love,


And the ordinary will never cease to amaze you.


I Don’t Know

The street lights blink out at dawn, and

On at dusk, as do my thoughts of him.


The night gives them permission to rise and be, but at dawn

The sun diminishes their power and they hide and sleep.


If they would just stay asleep, and

Leave me alone it would be so much easier, but they don’t listen to what I want.


They are crafty and sneak around the edge and into my heart

When I’m not looking.


They creep into the conversations in my head

Unnoticed until it is too late.


They lie in wait for me just inside

The front door when I get home from work,


Ready to snuggle in

For the night as soon as I walk through the door.


I don’t understand their persistence.

Do they think anything will change? Do they know something I don’t?


Are they worried there will come a time when

I will forget about them, or him? If that is the case, then they don’t understand that


for me forgetting is not an option.

I don’t choose who I love or who I want.


Therefore, I also cannot choose who I will



My love is based on honesty, the truth of my feelings,

And passion, lots and lots of passion, and I cannot pretend it is any other way.


So in spite of my objections, these thoughts have stayed 

Sad but comfortable, friends in their familiarity, taking up space in my being.


And if they ever leave, what will replace them?

What will fill the hole they leave behind in my heart, my soul, my mind?


I don’t know.


If that time comes and they leave, how long it will take me to notice,

That they have gone?


I don’t know.


And will the me that remains behind be the same me as before?

Before the dawn turned out the lights and he consumed my soul?


I may never know.

It Waits

It waits with patient hands

Outside our knowing, waiting to be let in.

Its story is always the same,

Its truth dependable but not always what we want to hear.

There is no hypocrisy, no deceit in its soul.

It is the soul that fills the void, that encompasses the eternal.

It exists in rhythms of time, tides of dependability,

Cycles of freedom and seasons of hope.

It can be ignored, but never escaped and so it waits,

In beauty and joy, in bliss and acceptance, in love and peace,

For us to wake up and realize it is but a mirror of ourselves,

The face of our existence, the light in our souls,

The essence of our being

Before we were born.