The Glory of Love

Don’t stop letting the ordinary

Amaze you.


Savor the taste of an apple.

Drink in the sound and sight of a waterfall.


Marvel at the cycle of the seasons and

Rest in their dependability.


Look for confirmation of the miracle of life in

Each and every second of being.


Become one with all that is sacred and holy and

Be astounded at the face of a flower, a new born baby, a summer thunderstorm.


Feel the positive energy and vibration of the universe

That holds you in its arms.


And sleep in the peace of knowing

That morning will always follow the darkness of night.


Enjoy this life you have been blessed with.

To suffer is your choice and yours alone to make.


Move away from the negative.

Reject the downward pull of the unknowing and let your positive light shine.


Share in the bounty of life and choose your own path.

No one can make these choices for you.


Add your positive energy to the world wide awakening,

bask in the glory of love,


And the ordinary will never cease to amaze you.


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