Haiku (1-5)


My arms can’t hold him

My heart cannot let him go

My soul feels empty


My love has not left

In hides deep within my soul

It can’t find his heart


The rain stops – silence

Earth smiles in gratitude

Clouds fill with promise


Soft warm summer night

Stars are blurred by humid air

Frost will return soon


Blue skies lie to me

Nothing is ever the same

After the rain stops

I Wonder Where He Is

I feel him,

taste his mouth,

smell his skin and feel his touch.

He is strong and kind,

passionate and silly,

lighthearted and honest.

He holds me in the night and kisses

my eyes awake each morning,

as our souls mingle in the soft warm darkness of early morning sleep.

Early morning is a special time where yesterday and tomorrow meet and

blend together into the now.

I know I have known him since before time existed.

There is no separation between he and I

as we are two halves of a whole.

He is my Anam Cara, and I his,

my soul mate, my life.

I wonder if he exists…

From the Inside Out

When I take the time to look inside,

instead of outside,

I find miraculous things.

Things I never have seen before,

feelings I never have noticed and

rules left unfollowed.

Oftentimes they are rules I have imposed on others

but never have followed myself.

Those others, whom I say I know well and in my arrogance convince myself that I know

how they think and feel, always turn out to be not who I thought they were.

A disappointment, but the fault is mine.

Through wisdom that only comes with age,

I have finally realized that it is only me who I can ever really know…

but only from the inside out.

I Had Forgotten

His words float like jewels in the darkness and quiet of my heart.

We live in the warm and soft darkness together,

A darkness that is not sad or lonely, but strong and free.

I hear my heartbeats echo in the soft darkness that holds us together.

A place of emptiness but bursting with truth and love.

I would tell you more, but it is not my truth to share, it is his.

His is the only one that works.

His pointings have taken me back to a place I never left,

But a place I had forgotten existed.

Thank God it had not forgotten me.

Solitary Seclusion

In self-imposed solitary seclusion

the so-called facts are in doubt.

It appears the spells have been lifted and forgotten,

And life has become merely withstood,

Not lived.

But why?

Why just withstood?

Why just survived?

Let’s bring back the spells.

Believe not in other’s so-called facts

But in the universal truth.

Surrender to the beauty of solitary seclusion

And rejoice in the freedom it brings

to enjoy what is,

and not what only appears to be.


The trees outside my bedroom window are naked but
evergreens remain green to remind me of life’s continuance,
always existing just below the surface.
The trees are stark silhouettes in gray,
each branch and twig evident but asleep.
There is a silence in the wood.
A soft, comforting, sleeping silence,
a hush of reverence, a soothing of soul.
Awareness hangs like smoke among the naked branches.
An awareness of belonging, of no doubts,
of confidence in the being and faith in the belonging.
So they stand, the trees of winter, cold and silent,
in perfect harmony with their place and mine.
Each a witness to the other and
both a witness to the One.  

One Last Time

Seashells and wave echoes

swirled and laughed in the emptiness behind my eyes.

But now I have let them go, sent them away,

unlocked the door and set them free.

The remaining empty space is vast, but quiet, and soft.

Yet never truly empty despite my best efforts

for when I’m not looking, the wave echoes return to roll around the edges of my inner space

once again.

They blend with a stillness that never stands still,

and become a part of the flow and wash in the space behind my eyes.

It is an expanding space that can hold everything and more.

More me, more us,

together in the completeness of warm love and peace.

So come my love, kick off your shoes and dance with me again.

Listen to the song of the seashells and watch…

watch the empty space fill with us and only us.

Catch the wave echoes when they come around again and

this time,

this one last time,




Soft Heart Magic

It exists in the space between heart beats.

In shadows of trees on the sidewalk.

In the moment after the flash

and before the thunder.

In the distance between the words,

I            love              you.

It hovers between joy and heartache.

It flows through memories of

Now and then, here and gone, alive and not.

But it never dies, just changes it shape

To fit the time

The place,

The broken heart.

You Didn’t


You were just a symbol.

A representation of what I wanted,

But in my mind only.

You couldn’t be who you were not.

Not your fault, but you wouldn’t even try.

But then, you didn’t expect my love, did you…

Its depth was frightening.

You didn’t know what to do with it.

You didn’t want to know.

You couldn’t understand.

But even if you could have,

You didn’t.