A New Day

This is a day to walk away from what was

And begin anew.

A new life, a new hope,

A new light and home,

A new season, a new feeling,

And sometimes a new beginning from the old.

 A time to rebuild, renew and remold –


In these beginnings there exist endings.

Some welcome, some not.

What I thought was, wasn’t and

What I thought was done, was not.

But now there is a mellowness, a warm light,

A subtle joy in these changes as

I sense a grace in my thoughts, a softening of my soul,

A warming of my heart,

A fullness of my being and

A richness in my life.

This new now brings me peace, gratitude and

Strength, along with an acceptance of what is,

The ability to let go of what was as it is gone,

And to think not of what may be as that is yet unknown.

And so with faith I will rest in the arms of the now and hold dear against my chest,

Like the tiny body of a baby, my heart and watch its pain and sorrow melt away and

Drift with the tide out to sea,

Comforted by the light and love of the full moon.

At last I can rejoice in the here and now

And hold close the loves in my life without fear.

I will fill my soul with gratitude for this new peace and

Begin each day with love for the miracle it is and

The joy that these new beginnings bring.

Hari Om

Sweet, Sweet September

September’s muted sunshine and billowing clouds

 Speak of a change to come, a change already begun.

In soft subtle shifts of afternoon shadows and heavy morning dew laden grass,

Autumn makes its arrival known.

Summer slides sleepily away, the heat having worn her out

As the freshness of fall takes her place.

Meadow grasses turn brown

And Goldenrod losses its shine.

Milkweed pods bust open, trusting their future generations to the wind and

 Flocks of geese gather together to finalize their flight plan.

In the subtle softness of September the world is poised for transition.

There is no harshness to September…

The cold biting winds and freezing temperatures

Are saved for November and the first dusting of frost for October.

September exists to give us a gentle push towards winter,

While reminding us from week to week and sometimes day to day of what we will miss

 Until spring arrives again and the earth warms, the geese return and

 The faith of the milkweeds is fulfilled.

Frozen in Faith

Garden statues in the dark are

Emotions frozen in time.

They are profiles of love in stone

Whose souls touch in the night while

Shadows hide their truth.

Earth turns the statues away from the night and towards the sun,

Always chasing its light and warmth

In an endless journey from light to dark

And back again while 

Heart statues stand, emotions frozen in time as

Profiles of love frozen in faith.

I Wonder Where He Is…

I wonder where he is?

I feel him; I can taste his mouth,

Smell his skin, feel his touch.

He is strong and kind,

Passionate and silly,

 Light hearted and honest.

He holds me in the night and kisses

My eyes awake each morning.

Our souls mingle in the darkness of early morning sleep

Where yesterday and tomorrow meet and

Blend together into the now.

I have known him since before time existed.

There is no separation between he and I

As we are two halves of a whole.

He is my anam cara, my soul mate, my life.

I wonder if he exists…


Changes are not always positive

Or swift.

Some drag, leaving behind a trail

Of sorrow.

Some move quickly, leaving no time to dwell

In the past.

Some changes are painful but for the better.

Some are just the way it is, neither good nor bad.

We decide which way to go, to let go

And move on or stay stuck, resisting the change.

I don’t know which is harder to do….

I think it depends in a large part on the nature of the change…

Change happens with or without my permission.

Me and you are not the same people we were just moments ago.

The cosmos has reinvented itself a thousand times in the last ten minutes.

So change is common, a fact of life and existence so why do our

Human situational changes sometimes linger

Beyond what they should and so become more important than they really are?

Even a change brought about by me is hard to handle.  It is a step away from what has been and a step into a new future, a good future, a better place within me, yet unsettling nonetheless.

And although change is inevitable, there are consistencies in my life for me to lean on and appreciate in the face of change…

Tomorrow will still come, the sun will rise and shine through my soul and soften the pain that still lingers.

The hoots of the owls in the forest outside my window will strengthen my heart as morning turns to day and the thoughts in my head turn towards the goodness and excitement of the life changes before me.

In spite of uncertainty, these changes are good.  The dark past has settled and sunken to the bottom of my soul where it will always remain, never forgotten, but will no longer be able to hold me captive in its cold grip.  It’s and his falseness and deceptive nature have been fully exposed and rejected.

So the change that has come is the right one.  It is long overdue, and although still painful, it is welcome.

My heart has changed, my livelihood is about to as well after which I will embark on a journey into an unknown future where I will accept whatever may come in this moment.

I will turn my focus inward where things can and will change for the better for me and all those I love…. everyone.

Summer Stillness Retreat

Silence among strangers

and trees.

All enclosed in sacred spaces and domes with

The inside out and the outside in.

Our souls are connected in silence,

With everything in common but no two of us the same.

Bells and sunrise mark the day’s beginning and in the evening,

Night is a blanket of calm and sleep as 

Tomorrow’s promises wait in shadowed softness.

A Chance to Meet God


I see each meeting, one with the other, as a chance to meet God.

I believe the Lords reside within us, each and every one of us,

The good, the bad, the saintly and the liars.

Each person I meet holds the keys to eternity in their inner being, they  belong inside the shelter of

The essence of Krishna consciousness, Christ consciousness, and God consciousness that lives within them whether they know it or believe it or not.

When I look for it – in their eyes- I can see that spark of belonging in even the darkest of souls and know

Know that I am meeting the God consciousness within them and

Maybe really seeing them for the first time.

The Love and Stillness of Forever

Our destiny is love,

In its form of being and nonbeing.

It flows from the source,

From the beginnings of timelessness.

From the place of no time or deception as time is limiting and

Deception is the extinguisher of love.

Loves lies around the edges of our worldly existence,

Waiting for its chance, for an opening to flow in.

It is patient and forgiving but is not to

Be taken for a fool.

Love cries with agony watching our abuse of and unkindness towards each other

But it will never walk away or give up on us.

It sees and is the stillness in me and

Recognizes itself in you and all beings and nonbeings.

There is a lack of labeling in love, no separateness of one from the other.

It does not merely exist in some abstract form as it has no form and is alive in the stillness of all things.

Love seeps into existence in fragrant vapors of stillness and

Frames the portal to eternity.

Isness and non-duality are the very essence of love, the connection of being and nonbeing,

The beginning and the end, the beginingless and endless formlessness of all form.

Love is the essential formlessness of me and you and

The non-separate nature of us all.

So  forget my name but remember when you and I were the formless within each other.

And when you again feel that deep stillness  and

Have found your remembered place in me,

Come and  we will reside there together

In the love and stillness of forever.


Blessing of the Saco River

River Blessing, June 20, 2016


The continuance of life

The renewal of its essence.


From sea to sky

From sky to mountain

From mountain to river

And from river back to the sea,

A continuous loop in the process of eternity.


Water is the giver and sustainer of life, it is the softness of gentle drops on sweet summer leaves,

and the raging fury and unstoppable force of a flood.


It represents a manifestation of life, a confluence of the forces of nature; a mystery with its truth below the surface. It flows where the land allows it to and always returns to its source, as do we.


As the bearer of water and life, we honor its place in the circle of truth, and pay tribute to its never ending gifts.

We gather here together to give thanks for its beauty and the peace it brings to our souls and hearts with our gifts of the earth and samples of the bounty its sweet water brings.

(My ladies and I ended our annual blessing ceremony by dropping flowers and herbs into the Saco River.  It was a lovey way to spend a summer late afternoon in the company of the setting sun and full solstice moon).