Sweet, Sweet September

September’s muted sunshine and billowing clouds

 Speak of a change to come, a change already begun.

In soft subtle shifts of afternoon shadows and heavy morning dew laden grass,

Autumn makes its arrival known.

Summer slides sleepily away, the heat having worn her out

As the freshness of fall takes her place.

Meadow grasses turn brown

And Goldenrod losses its shine.

Milkweed pods bust open, trusting their future generations to the wind and

 Flocks of geese gather together to finalize their flight plan.

In the subtle softness of September the world is poised for transition.

There is no harshness to September…

The cold biting winds and freezing temperatures

Are saved for November and the first dusting of frost for October.

September exists to give us a gentle push towards winter,

While reminding us from week to week and sometimes day to day of what we will miss

 Until spring arrives again and the earth warms, the geese return and

 The faith of the milkweeds is fulfilled.

8 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet September

    1. Thank you Mike, its been quite a while since we communicated… I have missed your words and will go find your blog later today… “reader” has stopped showing me my favorite people! Thank you for your comment and for reading! Michelle


      1. You are quite welcome. It is difficult to keep up with so many things going on all the time. Even since I have been unemployed, there is still not enough time to stay up to date. No worries, Michelle. We just catch up when we can and I appreciate the visit and the effort LOL.


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