The Water’s Fine


Don’t wait, take the plunge.

Hold your nose and jump in.

How else will you ever know if it is too soon or too late?

If you will sink or swim?

Where will the answers come from and when, if not now?

I have waited before,

Have stepped back from the edge

Just in case I was wrong.

But now, at this time in my life, there is no wrong, there is only what will work now,

 Or more accurately, what I will make work now, for in this present moment, anything is possible.

And if I should get tired of swimming and start to sink, I can just put my feet down and ground them in the earth. 

It is never too late because it is always now.

So stay with me in this present moment where there is no room for fear,

Trust me, take my hand and take the plung,

The water’s fine!

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