Light, moving at a speed certain, or at all, is an odd concept.  It travels into what and from where?

What is in front of it and what is behind? Does it leave a trail or just disappear as it goes? 

When I see a star, I see it as it was light-years ago,

A fact that adds to the illusion of everything.

We, you and me, are so close our light reflection is instant, but what if it wasn’t?

What if it slowed down? What if it took more time for my eyes to see yours?

If sound traveled faster than light, then I would hear you

Before I saw you, before I saw the look in your eyes, and maybe the meaning of your words.

Light moves at a constant speed but can be bent by the pull of gravity.

Is my gravity enough to pull your light off course, to lure you in, to change your path?

If light slowed down would you feel my touch before you saw my hand? And if so, would it matter?

Maybe God travels faster than light, maybe that is why we feel his presence and touch long, long before we can see him,  maybe it’s all just a matter of spacetime and not our lack after all.

And at what speed do thoughts travel? 

They possess no mass so can they travel faster than light?  Can you feel my thoughts before

You see the look in my eyes? 

I can feel your touch before I see you. I can smell the scent of your skin before I touch you. Thoughts form my reality of you before you walk in the door.

Your soul-thought and touch travel faster than either light or sound into my heart where they remain even after you have left me behind.

The space we occupy for this human existence is basically an illusion.

A beautiful, magnificent illusion, dependent more on our thoughts and feelings than on the laws of matter and space.

An illusion of God’s making with our permission and participation.  I believe that light and love at their very core travel at the same speed, they travel

From my heart to yours and everywhere and everyone in-between – instantly.  A concentric circle of waves, emanating from the One, fanning out to the ends of time, through and around us all.  A time for all time, a time of love and light for all eternity.

Our place in this physical universe is in a perpetual state of flux and illusion,

But the love and peace, light and grace we feel in the arms of God that underlies all of creation

Are not.

4 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. I really like this one M. I believe that thoughts and feelings travel faster than light, in many cases. Because they are pure energy, and have different rules. It’s one reason that relationship that is toxic for me doesn’t quite disappear. It’s why I can send reiki to someone thousands of miles away and they feel it. Can you feel him before you see him? Quite possibly. I feel him even though I don’t see him at all.

    Big hugs…..xo

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