In 4.5 months I will retire, it is a time to keep and mark.

The days numbered waiting for freedom but really, will it be such a change?

Now has its own freedom and always has and

I have the freedom to be here now.

The now holds nothing but is everything.

This space, this elegant space is here with me now. Always is and always has been.

But in 4.5 months I will breathe a sigh of relief anyway as my perceived waiting for time will have ended and time will fill my time and I its.

It is telling me to put away the other stuff and come and be part of it with my whole self.  It is not something I will do for the I of the surface but for the I of my true being.

I need to be able to participate fully in the now, in the glory of being, with all of my being.

Will it be easier in 4.5 months? I don’t know.

Probably not, unless I chose it to be.  Waiting for things never makes them so.

For everything happens in the now, there is no past to look back on, no future to look ahead to

It is always only now… So I guess I should stop waiting for the time to pass, it doesn’t,

There is but One moment fading into now, into now, into now…

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