Canvas curtains with

Buttons of rice.


Small enclosures

Hold melting floors while


Starched souls stand in the corner and

Their judgments fly.


Half held truths

Debase the morning sky and


Silence screams in my eyes while

Cut grass fragrance pervades my thoughts.


When will it all come together?

When will it stop?


The quiet death

Underwrites my soul while


Soft subtle shapes

Shift and take me with them.


And when the shapes settle, the past becomes the one and only

Place where I can breathe.


But I can’t go back there and all else has failed.

Why did you come back? just to leave again?


Why?  Did you forget to take something? I can’t imagine what

There is nothing left.…

5 thoughts on “Why

  1. “…Why did you come back? just to leave again?…” This is just what I was wondering some time ago, Michelle, but now I’ve said “goodbye” to the other and “hello” to myself😻!


    1. Good for you! I am heading in that direction but it has only been a month so I think I need a bit more time but I see the end of this sorrow begining which I am very grateful for… time is all I have. thank you Michelle

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