The Joy of Simple Solitude

The joy of simple solitude where

There is no risk to my heart, and no chance for destruction of my soul.


I can trust myself here,

I’d never do those things to me.


I love the solitude of evenings spent in front of the

Wood stove, reading and writing where there is


No one to answer to and

No one to betray me.


I am safe with just the beauty and silence of winter’s cold

And darkness for company.


I feel a silent peace from the holiday lights sparkling

In my windows and the feeling of


Love’s glow coming from



My peace is what I will make it to be,

Warm, safe, beautiful and right.


It is all I need for now,

This joy of simple solitude, however,


I am not fooled —

There is nothing simple about it.

11 thoughts on “The Joy of Simple Solitude

    1. Thanks, D. I need a break from the heartache and pain, I do have a real “heart problem” and all this stress is making it worse… I need to step back and embrace the silence and peace of this season and let it soothe my soul before I have a freaking heart attack! No man is worth dying over…

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      1. Especially not these 2. Now that we know who they really are. I still get tweaked every now and then but if I sit with it it passes. Reality sets in. It was just too much weight, that fell on us. Just too much. Breathe. Glad you are a meditator. Good for the soul. Xo

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      2. yup, have to remind myself to breathe quite often… thank God I have my meditation practice, it is definitely saving my soul… I made a “Warning Label” about him (womanizer alert) and am so tempted to send it to all his followers… not worth my effort (but on a bad day it just might be) but would be funny as hell! πŸ™‚

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