It Is All I Have

I need to write.

I need to say what I feel.


But I’m afraid,

Afraid of my pen, of my words.


Afraid I will not be able to stop.

Afraid that they will take over my being and


Bring out all my hidden truths and fears,

Even the ones I’m not aware of and I will have nowhere left to hide.


It will be a flood of words,

A torrent of emotions.


Some familiar in their pain, and

Others new in their hope.


Can I be brave and strong enough to hold onto my belief in love

In spite of all those truths and fears?


The wind-chimes on my porch say yes,

The trees, in their silent way, nod in agreement


And in hope the earth turns ever towards the sun

Always believing in and following its light and love.


So I must be brave and follow the earth’s example and

Turn to the Son too with faith and hope and


Never stop believing in love for in this moment, this now,

It is all I have and nothing else matters.


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