Imposters by fate but still

Miracles at birth.


Holed up in falsities

Missing the point.


Unsettled souls reap only what

They sow, no gifts are given or received.


No promises kept, no dreams fulfilled.

Maybe next time, but next time never comes.


It is the same ending, over and over and over.

A sadness steeped in familiarity,


Seduction for its own sake

The only prize.


It is a shallow, stagnate prize

But the only reward there is.


It is time to break this spell of soullessness and

Open to the pain of your deluded being.


Absorb it, take it in and by doing so defuse

Its dark energy.


Deny its claim on you,

Step away from its hold and


Watch, watch as it shrinks

And fades.


Watch it be consumed by the light,

And dissolved in the liquid love of the Son.


Watch it be taken from you

To hurt you no more.


Awaken and feel the light and goodness

Of who God made you to be.


It is there, already in you, see it for yourself

And when you do…


There will be darkness no more.