A Part of His Plan


It is warm here now.

Just yesterday I could still feel the cold.


It retreated upward,

The sun melting the frost.


Mother Earth sending her warmth

To meet the sun’s, with me in the middle!


I hear the rain striking

The earth above me now,


Its sound no longer muffled

By the snow.


The water puddles around me in the spaces between the rocks and

Softens my shell with its spring freshness.


My soul is awakened and has been waiting for this moment,

Waiting for the conditions to be just right.


My softened shall cracks and

A single, tiny root pokes its little head out into the soil.


It stretches its very being into the darkness and

Finds water and nutrients to power my growth.


Slowly my stem emerges from this shell and pushes me ever so gently up and up

Around the rocks and worms,


Bending to avoid the obstacle’s, always holding me in love

While searching for the sun.


I have never seen the sun, but I know it is there.

It has spoken to me in my dark winter of dreams.


Its promise is finely fulfilled when, only by  gargantuan efforts, my

Tiny stem has transported me to the surface of the soil.


My head breaks free and I feel the fresh spring breeze for the first time as

My stem lifts me up as an offering to the sun.


Through my soil bound journey, a miracle has taken place within me.

The work of God, done in darkness, is now revealed.


My seed splits open and my two magically made seed leaves open

Their fresh green faces to the sun.


Its brilliance is over whelming and

Its warmth and love unsurpassed.


I feel its strength soaking into even fiber of my being.

The sensation is incredible and I am full of life.


But the end of my journey is still a mystery to me.

What will I become?  Only God knows …


He has built the blueprint into my soul

But he hasn’t given me the instructions.


I will grow in the awareness that I am aware.

My being will take in the sun and wind, the soil and water, and I will become that which God intended.


Whether his intentions be a sunflower or a string bean,

I will be happy and joyful at being a part of His plan and


I will rejoice in His goodness.

Hari Om

8 thoughts on “A Part of His Plan

  1. I posted the poem. As I was writing to you here I thought of that Wash, Rinse, Repeat idea. I think that is a good description of what the psychpaths do.
    Maybe I will make a video with that theme.
    The house is unually quiet right now. 💕
    With 14 people in this house, I rarely have silence and privacy.


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