Inner Stillness in Predawn Darkness

There is inner stillness in the predawn darkness as

The forest begins to stir around me.


They seem to notice my presence

“Someone is among us”, they mummer.


As I sit in silence and wait,

The Eastern sky begins to lighten and


The earth responds with movement,

Air movement, a stirring, ever so slight and gentle,


More sensed than felt.

I continue to sit in silence and wait.


At last I can feel them coming closer, one by one.

Not in outer distance but in inner peace.


As they circle me I can feel them saying “Welcome,

We were wondering when you would come”.


“We are drawing closer to protect you,

We sense your weakness; we give you our collective strength.


Take us as we are as we you, you must know by now that

Your heart is not alone here and never has been”.


They bring such wisdom in their silence.

Such kindness without motion or audible voice


But a voice nonetheless, a voice that is felt with the soul

Not heard with the ears.


A voice that is eons old, no, older than that:

A voice that has existed since the beginning of time.


Since the time before manifestation.

Their voice speaks to me in the sweet darkness of the woods


Telling me a tale of love, acceptance and kindness,

A story of life, of the essences of loss, the pain of suffering


The agony of misunderstanding, of mind induced perceptions and

Selfish longings and needs.


But there is sympathy and empathy in this voice too because they know the pain,

They have felt the suffering, tasted the tears and watched their own hearts melt with disappointment.


The agony of loss is no stranger to their collective heart, so they truly understand my

State of mind today and give me comfort and love in a way only they can.


They know how I miss he who passed through the veil, they know him and he them. They are one together and it is his presence they allow me to feel here in this mourning morning softness.


The trees are my saviors; they surround me with their gentle strength and hold me in their arms

In the hardest of times, they understand without judgment, they feel my heart beat with theirs


As they stand together – silent sentinels of everlasting light and hope in

Noble silence and truth.


I am renewed by their strength, honored by their kindness and

Forever grateful for their love.



7 thoughts on “Inner Stillness in Predawn Darkness

    1. Thank you for your comment, I very much appreciate your reading my work… yes the forest does rejuvenate me quite often! I live in a tiny house surrounded by huge trees, a most magical place full of life and light… peace to you. Michelle


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