Divine Love

Sita & Ram

Radha & Kirshna

Shiva & Parvati

Examples for the heart.

But this end, our end,

It seems like such a waste of love,

But is it, is giving love ever a waste?

Can it be?

Human love, physical and spiritual, is

What love is meant to be.

The length of time or

The time of knowing doesn’t matter.

It is the recognition of the other half

That fuels the fire, the recognition is instant.

Soul and body love

The essence of humanity.

To connect together to that scared space,

That one deep inside.

The silence and stillness of beauty and grace

One love, two hearts beating as one

In honor of the divine creator.

Divine love in its purest manifestation,

It is the energy that fuels creation.

Such a rare gift to find.

To be nurtured and held close in the heart and soul

And what if he leaves, walks away

What if that love is returned unwanted?

What then, indeed, what then…

A rejection of the very essence of me

So hard, so cold, so unnecessary.


Written in February of 2015, a sad time as is now, I miss his music tonight…

One thought on “Divine Love

  1. Maybe not a rejection of you? Maybe a mind so egoic that it cannot accept that someone could love him? Maybe a psyche so full of self doubt that it runs from real love finding fault, in fear? I have known people like this. 2 men. You loved. Love never dies but transforms. Love this. Xo.

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