A Celebration of Light and Love

Embrace the feminine,

Rejoin the world of light and shadow.

My sisters await,

I have been gone too long.

But they are patient, their rhythmic drumming continues,

A call for wisdom to those who have come before.

The drums awaken in our souls the

Primal sounds of life.

Listen to the crows cry in morning

Listen to the night sounds resonate with the vibrations of life.

Brook and sky

Flow together in harmony.

My soul reunites with my heart.

My place is remembered and rejoined.

My heart is endless, and knows no time or place,

It retains a place for him.

He who completes the connection,

Body and soul as no other can.

But I have learned, that to desert myself,

To love so completely that I lose myself

Is not what it is meant to be.

My love must complement who I am

Not become who I am.

My love for him is eternal,

It takes up no space and has no limits but

I will not allow it to consume me.

If only he could know, could feel as I do,

Our love would be as it was intended, the connection would be complete.

The space between us would dissolve into vapor and

We would be one in harmony with earth and sky.


And the crows would cry at sunrise

And the night sounds would resonate with the sound of my sisters singing and drumming in celebration of light and love, love as it should be.



I wrote thisΒ for him last year, a lovely fantasy, very lovely but equally lonely…

7 thoughts on “A Celebration of Light and Love

  1. this is beautiful Michelle. It was a beautiful dream, and I hope some day some one makes it come true. You so deserve to be loved this way. As do we all. I read this and I think, what an idiot…..who is gonna love him again like that in his life. Big hugs to you, and Godspeed on your healing journey. xoxo

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  2. Thank you, your comments are so lovely and so appreciated! it would have been wonderful if he felt that way, but…. alas, he didn’t… Peace and light to you and thank you for reading my post πŸ™‚ Michelle


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