The Light Everlasting

What is it trying to tell me?


The quote in the window,

The quick car in the night.


Is it all in my head?



But if not, what is trying to break through,

Break into this world through me and why show me if it isn’t real…no, I have to stop thinking…


I need to see the moon lit patterns of white and shadow on the snow and hear how they speak to me.

The chimes are calling me again from the silence of my soul to look, listen, observe.


I need to hear the hungry owl’s cries in the night, feel its silent wings move swiftly in the darkness,

Too swiftly for its pray and watch with detachment the


Swift death, natural and inevitable but made a villain

By my thoughts.


I need to leave these thoughts and become

Stillness in the chaos, I need to reenter the silent swiftness of the owl’s wings and moon shadows.


For It is the only place to be and

The only place I have ever existed.


My being had begun to seep away while I was preoccupied,

Distracted by the other, the unnatural, the evil of my own making.


But the owl’s wings are bringing me home now,

My time of regression is waning but it has taken its toll.


My heart is weaker, my thoughts harder to read.

There is no regressing without damage to me and the object of the cause.


Solitude and stillness, as the getaway to the road back are coming into view…

The road to the place of reclamation of my soul,


Back to the essence of bliss, the light everlasting and

The hand in mine.

5 thoughts on “The Light Everlasting

  1. Nisthur Anadi

    Your poem too talk about Villian.
    Good thing is that you know how to over come from this phase.
    Just pause for some time have compassion for self and others .
    Awesome post .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. after reading your poem “Villain” I began to realize that the evilness of my villain was directly related to my perception of the situation, my view was influenced by my pain and hurt but that is not to say that his actions were without fault. My reacting to him rather than responding to him caused me more suffering than there needed to be …. your work is inspiring and beautiful, thank you.

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    1. I think I made the evil of his actions worse than they needed to be and thereby caused myself more suffering … his actions were evil, still are, but I am responsible for my reactions to him so…. I could have chosen to see his actions as those of a troubled person and a result of his pain-body and not have taken them so personally but at the time, that is how it felt, still does to some extent but I am working on it, for my sake, not his. Thank you for your continued kind and insightful comments, I really appreciate them 🙂


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