I was at the bottom with

No end in sight.


Mind numbing pain and sorrow

Blocked my vision and stopped my breath


But then, from a soul sister, in the silence of despair

Came a glimmering of hope,


A way to stop my ego, to

Reign in my mind.


She brought wise words of knowing,

A knowing and watching, a feeling and seeing.


And as I accepted that seeing and knowing, the thoughts began to drop away

One by one like autumn leaves.


There came an absence of words,

A deep stilling of my soul.


Finally a way to be, just be, the only way,

But not quite a total release as I was yet too weak, too exhausted from my struggle.


Parts of my ego and anger still held on, their grip

Like tentacles wrapped around my heart.


I wanted to let go, I thought that maybe the “wanting” was in the way,

But I accepted that soon even the wanting would be of no consequence, it would drop away on its own and


The anger would stop sneaking up on me,

Grabbing me from behind when I least expected it.


I know now that my ego and willful mind will not

Let go without a fight.


A fight to remain in charge, to perpetuate their control

And continue deluded behavior.


But I have changed, grown, and can now watch them from a safe distance and

At times even smile at their antics,


But I grow tired of their stubbornness, their uncooperative nature, their disdain for what is best for me.


They do not have my best interest at heart.

They have no heart.


Those two are not who I am and when I am finally in tune to the being that is my true self,

All else will naturally fall away and I won’t have to “deal” with either of them,


Nothing else will exists but the Now and

There I will happily stay.


12 thoughts on “Now

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  2. Fateema Abdallah

    Sooo beautiful sister. I especially love the following part:

    “And as I accepted that seeing and knowing, the thoughts began to drop away
    One by one like autumn leaves.”

    Liked by 1 person

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