My Hope

Lonely hearts,

collecting dust in the corner.

Words left unspoken,

Hanging like dust motes in the sunshine.

Ways left to ways,

Paths un-taken.

A love that was left behind

used, unwanted.

Where can it go?

Is there a place for misplaced love?

A place where it  is held

and comforted

I hope so …

9 thoughts on “My Hope

  1. I really believe that love cannot die, it can’t end, but it can be transformed. We have to take all that positive energy and find a new way to use it. I was told to cut the cords and turn the ends back toward myself. And that’s what I’m trying to do. To take care of myself, to see and understand that I ignored every red flag in the book, and also, to be happy to know that I can love passionately. Because, I will again. So will you. xoxo

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    1. I always believed that as well I have learned that we must let people go when they are not on the same path as we are. Sometimes we are those ships passing in the night over rough seas. Sometimes we are passengers on the same vessel. We recognize the difference as we get older and wiser.

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      1. The challenge is to learn to love unconditionally, without attachment, especially when a relationship that was so much a part of us ends badly. For me, to find a way to continue to love is easier than feeling hate and anger. I try to believe people do the best they can from the place they are in. Turn the love inward, and let yourself grow. There’s really nothing we can do more productive.

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  3. I hope so, I really do… I’m still waiting, i wrote this poem last year, then he came back, then he left, then he came back,then he left….. I just can’t seem to get him out of my heart and head. Thank you for your comments, they are always much appreciated! M.


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