Come My Love and Take My Hand

This poem is a re-post from a happier time,  a time when my illusion of love and trust was still in tact….


Come my love and take my hand, lead me

Through the simmering summer heat


To the dark softness of the

Shaded forest.


Ferns erupt from the

Moss covered earth


And the fragrance of dark soil

Pervades and surrounds my senses


As you surround my heart.

Take me through the woods


Through time and space

to a softer place.


A place to share love, trust and life.

Lay me down among the arms of the stream


Where it welcomes our heated bodies

With its cool, smooth water.


Lie with me and kiss the water from my eyes

As it runs in rivulets over my shoulders and across my body.


Your hands are warm on my body

In contrast to my water-cooled skin.


As we become one from two we

Blend into the flow of the stream


As inseparable as the individual drops

Are from the ripples our bodies make in the water.


Our union of joy becomes as integral a part of nature as the blue sky above

And the gold speckled stream bed beneath us.


The nakedness of our bodies becomes

The nakedness of our souls, nothing hidden, nothing false.


Our hands stay linked together as our passion

Warms the air around us.


Steam rises from our skin as the sun’s rays

Dry our water sprinkled bodies.


The contrast of light and dark plays out between us

And mimics the light of the sky and dark of the shaded forest around us.


Both are beautiful in their simplicity and

Are the complement of one another.


Our passion is unending and all-inclusive

Perfect in its symmetry and balance.


Man and woman,  two sides of the same equation

A world in balance – perfect.






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