Sad loneliness surrounds me, who will fill my heart

My soul, my body and how will I find him?


I am at home today, spending quite time alone

Watching the winter white fill the forest.


There is a pot of beef and barely soup

Simmering on the stove,


Skies waiting outside the door

And wine chilling in the snow.


This could be a wonderfully sensuous and

Loving day but instead it is tainted by loneliness.


I have no one to share it with,

The man I love and want isn’t who I thought he was,


He is not interested and so I sit at my desk alone



How will I find him again?

Will it be real this time?


I need him to hold me, come ski with me

Share a bowl of fabulous soup and


Sip my wine,

The sweet wine of love for two.


So the afternoon rolls on

The soup perfuming the air and Bach filling my soul with beautiful notes.


If only he would come to fill my heart,

Whoever he is…