Silent April Snow

The early spring silent snow

Fits my mood.

It is a white dusting of truth

Accentuating every little branch and twig,

Making every little lie all the more obvious.

The silence into which the April snow is falling

Seeps through my eyes and into my heart

As if to smother and quiet its

Telltale beats.

It comes as blessing and a curse by

Prolonging the inevitable with maybe that one last chance.

But I know the sun will come out and

It will all be just a memory …

Once again.

All I Had

It was just a game,

But it was all we had.

The rules were written as we went along.

He lead, I followed.

Everything changed from week to week

But always stayed the same.

The music played to fit the game and

Players changed with the tunes.

I never doubted in the moment,

Only in the absence, and it seemed to always be the time of absence.

The reality of the missing would come to me

Before the leaving.

I would rest my head on his chest

Listening to his heartbeat.

I would try to hold him inside me, all of him,

In each fleeting moment and then he was gone.

Once again reality would return to embrace the void, and

The long anticipated fulfillment became just another memory.

Then came the waiting for his

Footsteps on the wooden porch,

The rattling of the outer door,

And the bells ringing on the inside.

I knew it was just a game, his game,

But it was all I had.

(originally posted 3/17/17)

Easter’s Promise


Snow flattened grass

Reawakens in the spring sun.

Snow banks dwindle and melt

Like arctic glaciers.

Crocuses brave the still icy winds to prove their faith in spring.

Still leafless branches sway and clack together in spring’s winds

While sap flows up from their feet and warms them from within.

Objects left outside since late October emerge from the snow, preserved as if having been in an altered state of timelessness.

Time stood still under the snow while the world and sky above

Flowed seamlessly from one season to the next, one viscous winter storm passing silently on to another.

Lawn chairs I last used in November have returned, appearing as if just back from vacation.

The chairs stand in a circle around an old, rusted fire pit with welcoming extended arms and empty seats.  So I join them once again as a new season of light and promise begins, today,

Easter Sunday. 

Easter is a day of great joy and hope to millions all around the world.

A day to celebrate the defeat of death and the promise of eternal life but

I see evidence of His promise every day, in early spring tree buds, in the yellowing of willows at the end of winter, in the greening of the meadow grasses and the songs of the returning summer birds.

Spring springs eternal in Gods promise to all beings, not just the human ones and not only through stories in a nice book written so very long ago …

So take a moment each day to stop and look outside and see that

Easter’s promise is everywhere, not just today but every day, in every being and

Every season.