Our Doing (a brief thought on climate change)

Their innocence betrayed them,

But it is our doing.

They had no reason to question.

Their ways were always the same, same today as yesterday

Dependable for tomorrow.

But now something is different.

It is a difference not of their making.

A difference perplexing and dangerous, one they don’t understand.

The snow pack is less, shallower than before,

Easier for owls to penetrate.

Easier for winter cold to penetrate.

So now they freeze or are eaten.

Some starve as there is less food to sustain them.

This past summer was too hot and too dry to produce the food they need.

Being white in the winter is no longer a defense.

The hours of sunlight signal their bodies when to change the color of their fur.

But the shorter winters haven’t caught up and

They are now like sitting ducks, white in a world of early spring brown.

The changes aren’t fair.

They notice but their innocence fogs their thoughts.

They don’t know it is our doing but we do… or should.

We have failed them,

And they, the innocent ones,

Continue to suffer.

Epic Love

That epic love, the one we can only know in our deepest heartspace, the one that remains in secret just below the surface, always.  The one we don’t speak of, ever…

It is a love other women of deep emotion and passion will understand as they have felt it too.

That one where all the signs and signals said beware, stay away,

But you didn’t, you couldn’t.

It was the Cinderella fantasy come to life.

A love too good to be true,

And was.

But it remains a time and a love that will stay in your heart and at the edge of your mind forever.

One that brings tears in the present but fond, soft and gentle memories in the future.

A love that was never meant to last, there was too much passion.  It was too intense and raw to be maintained for long.

It came into your heart like an avalanche of emotion, a storm of lust, a tide of love to overtake your Being and then just as violently as it came, it was gone, leaving you lost and heartbroken. 

But in spite of all the pain, it changed you for the better into a woman who felt a love she will never forget, never imagined was possible and will never repeat.

But then, if you are honest with yourself, you knew from the beginning that it was never really yours to keep,

Didn’t you…


Why does dark seem heavy while light is, well, light?
Is one easier to carry than the other?
Dark seems to have weight,
Light doesn’t.
Dark holds you back but
Light lights your way.
There is a dark night of the soul
But joy in the morning light.
Night’s darkness surrounds my little cottage
Making its windows shine from within.
Life’s darkness surrounds my soul making my heart shine from within.
I cannot have one without the other.
I am thankful for both.

No One


In bits and pieces,

Dribs and drabs, 

Bit by bit, he fades away.

Less and less and less… until 

There is no more, and

All that is left is brittle pieces on the floor

To be swept under the rug where no one will see,

No one will care, no one will know, not even him.

No one.

Except me.

Only me…



A mouse died in my house.

The odor is nasty.

Why does death stink?

I know the biology of it.

Life leaves the body, the organs rot away

Causing the odor, but why?

Why a horrible odor?

It is a signal to scavengers to come for a meal?

Or is it an announcement that

Once again death has triumphed

And all that remains of the once living is the stink.

Not very polite of death but it certainly gets my attention.

Maybe that’s all death really wanted all along.

No Need

It is left behind.

I have no use,

I have no need,

I have no want,

But it does.

It needs and wants,

Howls and cries,

Pleads and bargains,

Stops and starts but,

I have no use,

No need, no want, no choice and

I leave it all behind.

I’ll Save Your Place

The doors and windows are open wide and welcome

The wind as it blows through my house and my soul.

It brings a beingness of light and truth, peace and love, disguised as wind.

Trees sway in its beauty,

Souls sing in harmony with its truth and

The unconscious void is filled with its one love.

I know that the empty void from my past existed only in my mind.

My mind was deluded and swayed by the ways of the world but now,

I am neither of the world nor in the world as

The world is in me and you and you and you…

There is no separateness in our beings but great diversity in our humanness,

As it should be, as it was meant to be. The contrast is beautiful.

“Between the silence of the mountains and the crashing of the sea, there lives a land I once lived in and he’s waiting there for me” Moody Blues

So… will you meet me there, in the silence of the mountains, in the void of fullness, in a world of our own making

Where the wind blows its truth into our souls

And surrounds our hearts with love?

If I get there first, I’ll save your place.

Will you do the same for me?