Out of the Darkness

He comes to me out of darkness in the night,

With soft words matching soft hands.

His smoldering passion stares me down.

I can’t look away, he is all there is.

We move together in silence, no words are necessary.

It is all so familiar.

He knows what I want,

I know what he needs.

It is a love that never ends but sometimes lays hidden in lies, or

Buried in truth, ashamed of itself.

It sleeps for months only to burn through again

And consume us once more in its power and passion.

So, is this what you have been looking for?  Been waiting for?

Been wanting and needing?

Been dreaming of in your darkest hours?

Been hoping to find and hear?

You don’t have to look any further.

It is all still right here, as it always has been.

Right in front of you,

Framed by a heart.

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