Into Blackness

I made too much of it,

More than it was.

But not at all what I 

Wanted it to be.

Yet I continued, wanting,

Wishing, and hoping and for what?

For another night?  It was just a one night

At a time love.

It feels unreal now,

 a waste of me, of my soul and heart.

And now begins the slow fade into blackness and silence, just like all the others, as

My soul bleeds and my heart beat stops and

My eyes, still in their blindness, wish it were not so.

3 thoughts on “Into Blackness

  1. Oh M. I feel the anguish, I have known the anguish, of having to let go of what we thought was something, and having to accept it never was. It’s a lot to ask…..But in that blackness, I hope a new light shines. One that will stay, and be grateful and adore your light, because your light is beautiful. xoxo


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