Always Alone


I’m lying in a hammock,


Staring at the canopy of trees above my head.

Their branches interlaced like the fingers of lovers in an act of passion.

They sway with the gentle breeze,

Each variety with its distinct leaf waiving and dancing to its own tune.

Above and beyond the boughs lies a deep blue sky, dotted with plumes of soft whiteness

Each drifting and changing with every second, never the same from moment to moment.

I watch this scene as the sunlight slowly turns to dusk.

The sun-powered breezes fade and the forest yawns and folds in on itself and sleeps.

I should do the same

But the magic of the transformation of day into night fixes me to this spot.

All form is erased, sky and forest become one, stars twinkle above and fireflies twinkle below as reflections of one another like sky in water.

Buzzing insects sounds are silenced and

A different cast of characters takes over the night shift.

An owl awakens and his hooting echoes between the sleeping trees,

Others answer in kind.

I hear the fox’s footsteps through the dry leaves and

Goosebumps cover my neck at the sound of his bark.

Less vocal creatures slink and stalk through the forest night

Taking their turn at life.

And me, I don’t fit into either cast,

I exist equally in both worlds but am not a participant in either and

Therein lays my sorrow.

I am only a watcher and always alone.


4 thoughts on “Always Alone

  1. Fateema Abdallah

    I feel I never praise you enough for your writing talent. Even though I do not comment on a regular basis, I have read most of your previous poetry. The way you pen down thoughts, moments, situations, places ect is just incredible. Keep writing dear Michelle I am convinced it is a kind of therapy for anyone who wish to exteriorize his/her feelings let it be joy or sadness.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you my friend… your reading and thoughts are very special to me… I will keep writing because it really does help me to get out what I am feeling and the comments I get from others help me quite often to see things with a different perspective, always helpful. I have been very fortunate to make so many good friends here on wordpress, I am thankful for such a wonderful group of people, you included, of course. 🙂 M.

      Liked by 1 person

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