I sit, candlelight flickering

Through my eyelids.


The skylight reflects the candlelight back to me,

And the new moon back to the moon.


The night landscape is dark,

Cold and endless.


I am cold and endless as I rise above the candle.

The wind blows my hair and chills my bones.


My eyes scan the dark earth.

Fields lie in wait, trees sleep.


Hills role on to hills,

And night sky meets night wood.


My body and gaze rise above

The wood to the sky.


Dark joining dark,

Points of light joining points of light.


In the darkness there is no separation of earth and sky.

In my darkness there is no separation.


The flicker of candlelight

Through the skylight fades with distance.


The quiet and dark become who I am,

All encompassing, all inclusive, comforting

All dissolving into one.

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