All Are One In Him


He exists in the space between

The particles of my being.

The internal space in my heart that holds his love

Is infinite.

I hear him in the silence and

Stillness of the Now.

I feel him in the pause between

My in and out breath.

His smile lights my dreams

As his hands take mine and lead me to a place of love and peace.

His life force powers every cell in my body. I know it is so as

I feel it traveling in waves through me with each breath I take.

He speaks to me and holds my heart in the stillness of the night

And brings hope for the new day with each morning’s light.

He has absorbed my fears, anger and sorrow into

His very being and holds them dear for me and from me.

I no longer have to dwell in the past or

Speculate about the future as all are one in Him.

My gratitude is all encompassing

And my love for him limitless.

He is my Lord.

Hari Krishna

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