My Heart Has Been Reborn


My heart now knows and feels that

Which my mind can only dream of.

This change in attitude has produced

A change in my reality.

Losing that burning anger has

Opened the doors to peace and

My emotions have taken on a new life with

A fresh perspective.

What once was clouded and dark

Now is clear and shines with an inner light all its own.

My old thoughts are powerless against me,

Their negativity replaced with the beautiful truth I see in his silent smiles.

In truth is found respect.

My perception of what was has shifted and

True compassion has filled the once painful void in my soul.

That which I saw in anger

Now is tempered by a flood of loving kindness.

So, the sting of the cruel mother’s words, the hurtful ex-husband, the heartless lovers of the past

Has faded and softened into acceptance,

An acceptance of the frailties and humanness of being human.

The unintentional infliction of pain and betrayal has lost its power to hurt and linger now that

My eyes see with a new light.

It is the light of amber afternoon love, of kindness, beauty and strength.  A deep, deep love without conditions —  as God meant love to be.

So now I can relax and just let it be.

Let it all unfold as it should and must, and be what it may.

I finally understand that my wanting and needing are just more obstacles in the way of just letting what is meant to be… be.

Please be patient with me love, my heart has recently been reborn.

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