Night Shadows


Sheets of white surround me in

A blanket of feathered softness as dreams of him linger

 on the edge of sleep, my being cloaked in night’s darkness.

Through my darkness, I watch the night shadows drift past the windows,

They have lives of their own, the darkness becomes them.

The textured blackness of night can be comforting in its sameness.

A sameness that frees me from the eyes of judgment.

And as I lie back and watch his image leave the edge of sleep

I feel him join with me in whispered prayers the essence of which lingers on when sleep has fled.

But they are short lived prayers and are consumed by the night shadows to hide in the sameness of the textured blackness

Unanswered, dissolving and alone


4 thoughts on “Night Shadows

  1. Their energy does hang around, doesn’t it. I’ve been struggling too, as of late. I think because loss of my kitty stirred up emotions of the loss of him and all that went with that. Waiting for it to settle back down, to that comfortable spot where it is just an underlying hum, not a blaring memories in my ears. xoxo M.

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  2. I just love all the wonderful atmosphere in your words…texture, blackness, darkness, shadows, and how the blackness brings a comforting sameness. Deep and exquisite in feeling and emotion. Words that come straight from the heart…thank you. Who needs format and meter and poetry patterns when you can write like this? 🙂

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