Expectations and explanations

Both changing with the wind.

Both a disappointment.

Just words, so many useless words.

They are stubborn and painful,

Mostly mine.

I’m tired, world weary tired.

It’s all too confusing, too many games,

Too many rules and players.

Too much thought.

Leave it all behind

Drop the thoughts,

Don’t believe them

They are not real.

7 thoughts on “Words

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Michelle. I hope you are well. I feel like I guage how you are by your poems. I should not do that. 🙂 It is so amazing how you can put in to words what I feel. You are so gifted.


    1. Thank you so much for the complements. I am well, for the most part 🙂 Sometimes my poems do reflect how i am feeling currently and sometime they are based on past experiences so … honestly I often don’t know how they will come out until I start to write and then it seems like the words just flow from somewhere else through me and sometimes spell out things I really am feeling without even knowing it! Again, thank you for reading and commenting! Michelle


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