The fox barks in the night.

He feels safe in the darkness.


He circles my house, slowly

Barking his questions at me.


He watches as I sit by the campfire in the yard.

I see his eyes at the edge of the wood lit by the flames, waiting, observing.


Does he have something to tell me?  Some great wisdom to impart to my so-called intelligent brain?


I know he holds all the answers but in his innocence

He assumes that I do.


He knows that all there is, is all he is.

It is only the falseness of my thinking that keeps us separate.


I envy him and his essence and ability to be completely in tune with all there  is.

But why does he watch me?


What could my presence here possibly give to him?

He needs nothing that I have.


So he continues barking his secrets at me and I continue to

Wait and long for that time when words and barks lose their separate meanings


And I finally understand and feel his secrets too.