Winter White

Winter mornings,

Cold, gray skies


Weep snowflakes in

Drifts of white.


Tree branches are outlined with

Each twig and bud coated in white.


The evergreen’s frosted tips are decorations done by

The Creator’s loving hands.


Isn’t it wonderful how rain drops turn white when they freeze, nice touch God!

The Creator has a flair for external decorating!


Cardinals come to my birdfeeders in January

And perch in the nearby evergreens to eat their breakfast.


A perfect Christmas card picture

Naturally created in red, white and green.


Chickadees wear their little black caps all winter, eat their fill at the birdfeeders,

And gather in groups at the bottom of winter’s abandoned bird houses to keep warm.


Squirrels sit in my window boxes eating stolen bird seeds

And watch me through the window watching them.


Their little ears and eyes ever alert and twitching.

Danger could be lurking behind every snow back and tree trunk.


And while I sit, warm and safe inside by the woodstove, I think of how hard it must be to

Live as the wild creatures do, where your survival depends on your alertness.


But really, is that so difference from our lives? We would do well to take a lesson from the

Winter creatures, our survival as a species ultimately depends on our alertness as well.


So while the snowy silence fills our days, pay attention to the winter wilds, be alert to the

now and the lurking dangers behind the snow banks and tree trunks will disappear on their own.


Watch the squirrels, appreciate the beauty of the Cardinals and evergreens, embrace the cold,

Treasure the winter sky and white rain drops and be grateful for what there is and

Be, just Be.

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