In the abundance of summer

I am astounded and surrounded by life.


A time of growth, lush and green

When the Earth awakens and the cycle of life begins.


The trees surround me and hang over my house.

Watching and waiting.


They watch us scurry about,

Sometimes missing so much in our haste.


But the trees know and in their knowing they stand

As silent sententials with green, growing souls.


Makers of light, life and breath,

Keepers of the leaves.


I sense their souls, and can feel the strength in their roots

Sunk deeply in the earth.


They stretch their arms skyward,

In a silent Om


And it radiates from their beings, filling the forest

With its vibrations.


Birds answer in kind with song,

And mummers of life stir the forest floor in praise.


The summer’s love is not wasted on the indifferent,

The forest sees and remembers.

Each leaf and blade of grass, patch of moss, clump of shrubs

And form of life has a hand in building the harmony of nature.


Everything has worth, and a role to play

In the chorus of life in love with the earth.


The earth sings her love back

In wind and rain, fire and hope and


All of creation rests in harmony.