The Heart of Summer

Summer love, hot

Sizzling, sultry.

Just he and I in a

Simmering field, wilted flowers and

Endless passion.

A love with no limits.

He holds my heart in his soul

My body in his hands.

His touch is like fire,

Smoking my heart with its heat.

His mouth on mine melts my soul

And makes me weak in the knees.

I am completely under his command,

A total surrender.

His body is hard and lean

Smooth and supple- lovely.

His moving ways bring it all

At every turn, his loving magic.

He covers me with his passion and

Whispers endless words of heart and heat into my soul.

He has taken me to a place I have never found before,

And it is there with him that I want to stay.

For in his arms there is nothing more to want

Nothing more to be, all is complete.

A fulfillment,

Lovely and right.

If only he could feel it to, if only

I could convince him of the rightness of this.

Convince him that I am the one, and it is meant to be

That we are anam cara, soul mates.

But sadly if he doesn’t feel it,

There is nothing I can do.

I will continue to love him,

To want him, to need him and

Maybe in another lifetime, in another place

We will be together as we should be

And our halves will  join

To once again, for all time, complete the whole.

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