The milkweed is heavy with blossoms and

The sweet summer night wind is alive with twinkling lights.


Fireflies sparkle in the humid mist,

Rivaling the stars.


Heavenly scent from the milkweed feeds my senses,

And the dew-soaked field sings to me in words unspoken.


A multitude of flowers, yellow, purple and rose

Gather in bunches around my feet.


We are brought together by light and love and

Drink in the sweetness of a night kissed promise.


No need for words in this place of wind

Of chi, of night flowers glowing with starshine.


I feel the words, I see the sounds.

I dissolve in the starshine and he and I again are one


With the night sky and the field of flowers.

Nothing brings him closer to me; nothing brings him closer to my heart.


Together we share the beauty of darkness,

Together we walk the field of light at night,


And together we say goodbye once more as

The morning comes and the sun’s light melts the mystery,


Dries the dew,

And smothers my tears.