The soft, gentil darkness is

Speckled with pearls of moon shine.

Pools of starlight gather between

The herbs and Sweet Annie.

Dark sky blends

With dark earth and

Flowers sleep with bowed heads

As if in prayer.

Night creatures gather in a landscape familiar to them and

Foreign to me.

The moonlight plays games

With my eyes;

Changing the colors like magic;

The familiar to the unknown and

Shadows dance across the garden

Laughing at the darkness’s efforts to hide.

The garden grows slowly in the dark.

The breath of starlight its saving grace.

The night sounds, softer than day’s

Mummer in sleepy rhythms

Lulling all to sleep while

Moon lit clouds scuttle across the night sky

As sails on a stormy sea.

But in the end, the fantasy of the night myth ends

And darkness completes its fade to day and

Morning’s magic pulls dewdrops from the sky.

Sun warmed air refreshes the breeze and pushes it on across the fields

Until the cool of the evening halts its step

And the night rhythms begin again.