No Longer Enough

At least this one was amusing.

Inappropriate at times, but amusing.

With no history or back story,

Just comical antics and surface details.

A few weeks with no consistency; he came and went,

Tried to pick up where he left off as if no time has passed.

Apparently, he started something he couldn’t finish.

Maybe he never intended to.

But his intentions are of no consequence to me now as

I have taken a step up.

The rules are not the same for this new one,

My old rules no longer apply.

My standards are higher now, they are as elevated as I am.

But In spite of this most recent mistake, I refuse to give up.

My heart still longs for that one touch, that one look, the right one,

The one my heart waits for.

It is all I need, all I want, and so simple but so hard to find.

So, this one can fade back into nowhere from where he came as

Amusement is fun but shallow and

Most definitely no longer enough for me.

4 thoughts on “No Longer Enough

    1. Yes, isn’t it. Its almost like they need to be convinced and reminded, again, that they should treat others like humans and if not, they are out. They don’t seem to learn…


  1. Funny how they show up when they suddenly realize that you might have actually found someone who treats you well. I still get the rate message and the occasional voice mail, and it’s been a year and a half since I had a single word of communication. It’s pathetic really. So happy to read this poem, that you didn’t fall in again. Good for you. You’re strong, smart and beautiful. He’s a user of people. But he’ll have to find a different victim it seems.


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