The Moon Cried For Me

The daylight faded into night

The dark swallowed me whole – and


                                                        The moon knew I could not say no.


You came to me and held me close,

I was putty in your hands – and


                                                         The moon knew you could not stay away.


You kissed my face and lips,

I kissed your mouth and eyes- and


                                                      The moon felt our building heat.


Your hands slid over my body and

Woke all of my senses – and


                                                  The moon felt your passion.


Our lovemaking was hot and real and

Warmed the ground beneath our bodies – and


                                            The moon, not wanting to intrude, turned its face and looked the other way.


While I slept you covered my naked body with flowers from my gardens

And then just walked away, unmoved – and


                                         The moon cried for me.


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