December peace,

Joy in the silent voice of nature.


“The world in silent stillness lay…”


The anticipation builds and.

Woods and fields tingle with the static of Krishna-Christ consciousness.


Winter, as a time of darkness and cold, welcomes the colorful celebration of quiet joy

And of peace and goodwill towards all.


Tree branches reach for heaven

Their nakedness revealing their true nature,


Just as the Creator’s gifts to us reveal the

True nature of His love.


Gray December skies lower,

Heavy with the gifts of Winter and


Hardy crows sit in the tree tops and lend their

Voices to the choir of December love.


The Winter Solstice is a time for the celebration of the return of the Sun,

A symbol of the promise of light in the darkness, a promise of hope to all human kind.


An appropriate time as well for a celebration of the Sons of God who

Are the greatest symbols of hope in every type of darkness.


I can see the evidence of Their love in everything around me,

From the cawing crows, and the beautiful dried wild grasses of the field,


To the naked tree branches and the ultrasound picture on my desk

Of my newest grandchild still in the womb.


We are continually surrounded by the grace and love of the Creator

The proof is unmistakable and profound in its simplicity.


So this December, in this time of giving, open your eyes and heart

And feel the Joy; it is the best gift of all and it won’t cost you a penny.


Merry Christmas