Summer Evening Sadness

Summer evening sadness

Music and sand dunes.

Lonely sunsets and

Warm breezes

Stir my soul and

dry my tears.

But they return unbidden

To drownd my thoughts

In memories of you,

Your voice, your depth of soul.

The sweet music,  your music, your songs, your essence

drift by in silence filling notes.

I close my eyes and I can feel you, smell you

taste your lips against mine.

We are one in the softness of a

summer evening.

The softness of a love so deep

we can only glimpse its beginnings.

A depth so vast only

God can see, we are not strong enough.

I feel your soul rest in mine

In the summer moonlight.

One soul complementing the other until

there is no other, only one.

Come to  me my love, let the freshness of the summer ocean

clean our souls and erase the spaces between us so

Love and light is all that remains.  I love you –

do not go to that place without me, my heart would break.

Instead, echo my love, my thoughts, my words.

Take my hand and lead me to your heart soul

and love me there, please.  We have no beginning and

no end so hold me and

Remember the times of summer evening sadness, music and sand dunes.

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