A Love Affair

I have hopes and dreams of love.

With no pressure, no confinement.


How can I make him understand and trust?

How can I convince him to truly believe and feel safe?


I want him, I need him, I love him.

I don’t want to pressure, or expect.


I want to be open and welcoming, a friend of his soul.

Truly wanting in a good sense, truly loving all of him.


I don’t want to assume or

Make guilty.


I don’t know what the future brings.

I don’t know what it holds for me or him,


But I believe in our time together, a time with

No demands or ties – except any we choose to freely give.


I know love will flourish under these conditions,

Love for its purest sake, in its most intimate beauty.


Not for maintenance, or show

Not for convenience, or selfishness


But for itself.

A love to share in those most special moments together.


A part of a full life, he to his and

Me to mine, separate but in harmony.


Always with our special time and place of coming together.

Our private place of passion and warmth which may be limited in time, but never in scope.


A time I wouldn’t trade for anything,

I need nothing more.


A love affair in its truest sense,

In the way it was meant to be for him and me.


Maybe not in the traditional sense but in our way.

Our hours of love, of heart, of heat and passion.


A commitment to  our friendship, to our way of loving.

To our hearts, in our time, in our love, in our giving, one to the other.


Not meant to be understood by anyone else, not meant to be rated or judged.

Only for us, only for us.

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