Earth Smiles

To die into life,

A concept I can feel once again.

The leaves rustle in the wind and

Flowers grow and bloom in beautiful colors, they know how.

The sun rises and fuels life and

God rises and fuels love.

I can feel myself within each leaf,

Within every tree as part of its soul, its being.

A massive explosion of summer, a season of rebirth.

The land bursting forth with the love of life.

Every inch of earth covered.

Activity never ending.

Creatures of the dark, creatures of the light,

all working together, all encompassing.

I feel myself in each one of them,

some sightless under the earth, some soaring above.

The large and the small, all components

Of creation, all within me and I within them.

The forest is reaching out to me,

welcoming me home, embracing me with vibrations of spirit

The waves of acceptance have returned and

The separateness that has clouded my heart for three years is gone.

We all reside together as one and

I am thankful all is as it used to be, as it should be.

My cats’ eyes are alight with the knowing,

And the earth smiles in agreement.

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