The End Has Come

Love lost is so sad

No matter the reasons.

No matter whose fault or no fault.

We were two people,

Two people who loved in our own ways

maybe different ways,

one from the other,

but a bond existed and

grew just the same.

And then it ended, not as either of us

Expected and not in a good way but with an honest “mistake”.

An ending just the same

with pain that went both ways

and cut just as deeply

coming and going.

An then it was done, no words left to speak

and tomorrow came and the world went on

unchanged but for the fact that it was a little lighter on your side,

the side where my heart used to be.

11 thoughts on “The End Has Come

  1. Such suffering…sorry! It does not help the pain, but I know the feeling. I agree with the idea that it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. Surely there were good times…hold those with joy. Not sure the pain ever dies, but it gets easier to bear…someday.


  2. I always say love, the real thing, doesn’t die. It can change, transform, become something different. So…be glad that you are capable of loving. Be glad that it was real for you. Let the change come, and one of these days someone will come along and take their rightful spot in your heart. We still learn, from the heartbreak and suffering. That’s when we grow. Game players never get that benefit. Love and light, I hope it gets easier as the days go on.

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