Hazy, hot summer,

Trampled feelings.


Sweat and sweets,

A mix of pleasures.


His hands are magic,

His soul smolders.


Light and dark play out in

Him and through me.


He takes me there with him

But I don’t know how to get back.


So he leaves me there to flounder

And want, to wade, to sink.


The water is too deep,

The price I have to pay to steep.


No longing is enough,

No fulfillment is right.


The end always comes,

But doesn’t’ last.


Each time it changes,

This different than the last.


This simpler but less

In some ways.


The passion is the same,

Everything else is not.


Can passion be disconnected

From the rest?


For some it is,

But not for me.


And so I flounder and sink,

Wade and struggle.


Some days my head is above water

Some days not.


But I stay, wait out the flood

Look for the way back, and finding it


Come home to rest, to start again

To follow him always, the passion never dies.