Trust and not.

Abandonment, not fair.


Why am I punished again

For their mistakes?


For their inability to love,

To care, to be.


So much trouble,

Not worth the effort.


Or is it? I don’t know,

How will I know?


Will it change and become

Or stay more of the same.


More of the same seems

To be the means and ends.


More time spent in sorrow

Than in joy, must mean something.


A game, with no winners,

A love with no losers.


A pain with no beginning

And no end.


A familiar story,

A heart breaker.


But not mine,

My story is different.


The heartbreak starts my story and

The end never comes.


I don’t want it to,

But it has to.


I need

I want


I cannot wait any longer

The time is here


But I am not ready and so

The story continues.