What to write about besides love…

I am sitting and thinking…

Trying to find something but nothing else is quiet as interesting.

Sometimes I wish that were not true, but I know that it is.

Wanting and dreaming,

Hoping for him, all of him.

But what of everything else?

Does anything matter as much?

Does anything else make me feel like this?

Other things and other types of love matter, of course, but nothing is like this.

He tells me I should try to expand

My idea of love, he tells me my idea of love is too narrow,

Too defined by romantic love, He says

I need to count all the other love I am surrounded with

All the other kinds of love, not just

The man/woman love, the couples love, the romantic love.

I know he is right and I do value the other loves

In my life, my children, my friends,

My past loves and family but that kind of love is not the same,

For me not the same kind of love at all.

To give myself to him, not just emotionally but

Physically is overwhelmingly beautiful and

So very powerful. It is a physical expression of the depth of feeling

And trust I have for him, like nothing ever before, a complete surrender.

There is no need to hold back, no judgments.

All that I am I share with and give freely to him.

But then again maybe I should expand my definition of love, maybe I need to include something less than this love, less than this physical attraction between he and I but,

I don’t think I can.  For me, at least, nothing less will ever do.