Emptiness as fulfillment,

Void of light.

Pleadings of matter

and truth.

An isness only the small

can possess.

We had it, but now it is gone,

It may take a lifetime to get it back.

Fleeting as twilight to dawn and

Heartbeats in the night.

Sounding their worth,

longing for truth and light.

It comes in a shift,

A shift of perspective.

A physical line travels

Across my vision and I am

Transported to another place, to

Another way of being.

The emptiness becomes filled,

The darkness bright.

A space alive with currents,

Crossing and churning.

They bring me to the edge but I have not

The courage to just be, not yet.

The melodies of bliss float

Past my head and drowned my heart in their beauty.

The energy rises from my spine to

The top of my head and erupts, Kundalini awakens.

From the depths of my soul,

The wanting is cloaked in energy and light.

Sounds drift in and out, senses are

Heightened and then dulled.

The truth reveled and at once hidden again,

A puzzle solved and then broken.

I can’t hold on, the more I try

The farther away I am.

It fades with the wanting,

It recedes with the clinging.

The physical line shifts back,

Travels across my field of vision and is gone.

My eyes slowly open and take in

The alter in front of me without seeing.

Buddha sits, lotus candles flicker, Quan Yin holds the vase, and

Jiso waits to bless.

The singing bowl starts to hum on its own, and the

Room vibrates with its energy.

As the vibrations fade back into silence,

The Lotus goes dark and Buddha sleeps.

The emptiness is once again empty and

The light has faded to gray.

But my soul holds back and keeps another small grain of truth

Each time I make this journey.

And the grains will come together and build until someday,

Maybe someday, I will be whole.

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