State of Mind

State of Mind

Reflection of innocence.

The innocence is trapped there,

It and I are not the same.

I am not a figment of my imagination,

It is quite the opposite.

There is a separation, I now can feel it. A feeling and a knowing,

Something new for me, its time has come.

I see the space between us, feel its presence

As I watch, detached.

It is interesting to be the observer of my own mind.

To see how it skips from one thought to another.

It can not see the connections,

But I see them.

It is a study in separate togetherness.

I feel like my mind’s teacher,

Watching it grow and change,

Nudging it in the right direction.

But just like a child, it

Doesn’t always listen!

It puts up a fight, insists it is right, throws a tantrum,

And threatens to give up or run away.

I watch from a respectful distance, but still feel

Its pain, its confusion, its self-doubt.

But I never abandon it; sometimes I wish I could,

Wish I could just turn and walk away,

Leave it behind in its mess, its suffering, its drama

But its innocence and need always draw me back.

Back to hold its hand and lend my shoulder for it to cry on, after all

If I give up on it where would either of us be?

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