Clarity obscured,

Hope turned to faith.


Illusions confirmed,

Truth in perceived reality shaken.


How can anything be real,

Now that I know.


The knowing cannot be deleted,

Like it or not.


The duality is gone.

This step forward prohibits two back.


I think it is a positive thing,

At least it is supposed to be.


But the old saying,

“Ignorance is bliss” sometimes sounds easier.


Not as in a way of reality or life,

But as an easier and simpler path.


Is the ignorant way really easier or simpler?

Or is that the illusion we are trying to overcome?


The illusion fosters a belief in a way that cannot continue to exist,

It is mindless and controlling.


The loss of illusion permits mindfulness

And an examination of emotions and thoughts.


Often times my mind and soul tire of the

Reasoning and examining and effort it takes to just be in this world.


But in the long run, and on a daily basis, I realize that

Mindfulness and deliberation are the only true way.


The only way that will take me

To the future and beyond.


A path of fulfillment and deliverance

From a world of falsehoods and delusion.